Frequently Asked Questions

What is an open enrollment charter school?

Open Enrollment Charter Schools are public schools; however, they are not affiliated with the local public school district. They are tuition free, non-sectarian, non-selective in student admissions, nondiscriminatory in practices, and accountable to a public body.

Does the Charter School cost money?

No, we are a public charter school and do not have a tuition.

How do Charter Schools operate?

Charter schools operate with community partnerships and local support. We are able to offer lower student-teacher ratios, innovative learning techniques (such as Project Based Learning and the Flipped Model of education), extended learning opportunities through local partnerships with the University of Texas at Tyler, community members, and area businesses.

What grades do you have?

We currently offer grades K-12 in Tyler, 1-12 in Longview, and 3-12 in Palestine (K-2 will be added to Palestine in Fall 2019).

What makes your school different from any other school?

Our school has a completely different approach to education. When you walk into another school you will see children seated at their desks with a worksheet in front of them, or a teacher lecturing. When you walk into our school you will see children seated anywhere they please working on iPads and in groups. We offer a more hands on approach to learning. Our teachers are guides rather than lecturers. We utilize what is called Project Based Learning and the Flipped Classroom Model.

Are your school hours really from 7:55am until 2:15pm?

Yes and no. Our students are in class from 7:55 a.m. until 2:15 p.m. During this time they are working on their projects. Once they leave for the day they have afternoon enrichment activities designed by the teachers. These activities range from watching a video to understand a new concept, to working in a program called OdysseyWare. These activities must be finished each day so the students can bring their new knowledge into class. This is part of the Flipped Model.

How many students per teacher are there?

We maintain a student:teacher ratio of 20:1 in grades K-2, 22:1 in grades 3-5 and 25:1 in grades 6-12. This does not mean that at some point there may be 35 students in a classroom. This means that if there are 35 students in a classroom that there will also be more than one teacher in that classroom and very likely there will be an aide. We strive to provide more one-on-one attention for the students than other public schools.

Sounds great, but what do we do in the afternoon when we both work?

There are afternoon programs available. For information on these programs please visit the Afterschool page for each campus (Tyler, Longview, and Palestine).

Cost of the Chromebooks?

The Chromebooks are provided to you free of charge. Parents should purchase a case/cover and insurance for the device as they are responsible for all repair costs. The information regarding insurance will come to you when you are issued a device. For full details regarding our technology policies, please visit the Technology page.

Do you allow tours?

Yes, in fact, we encourage them. We offer a few different types of tours; both parent and student are able to come to the school and tour, the parent/parents are able to tour the school, or the student is able to come tour the school with a classroom for a full day. To set this up, please call the campus you are interested in and ask for the Campus Registrar.

Can I still apply for the current school year?

Yes, we typically have available openings in certain grades at each campus.  If your student’s grade is filled to capacity, your name will be added to our waiting list.  When openings become available, we will contact parents in the order their application for admission was received (behind those from the current year lottery).  However, if not accepted by the end of the year, a new application is needed for the upcoming school year and all applicants are subject to the lottery held on the first Friday of April.

How do I submit an application for enrollment?

By visiting the Admissions page and clicking on the Download Application button. After printing and filling out the application, please submit to the appropriate campus using the campus information in our footer.